Lm 35 thermostat blynk esp 8266

Hello Gunner i am George how to make a sketch to control relay with lm 35 and put 4 relay on off switch mode and 1 relay with timer or day hour programming for blynk ap to control 4 relay on off control temperature and timing hour day programming i have wemos d1 board. Thank you

Sorry @sony8943 I don’t accept private messages asking for assistance writing your code any more than it is accepted in the public forum.

We are here to help users learn about Blynk and how to use Blynk… via guidance, suggestions and, as you progress, even a bit of code :wink: … But you need to start first with reading the Documents, Help Center pages and experimenting with the already provided code in the Sketch Builder.


@Gunner wow, that should be prohibited here. I’ll update the welcome topic ASAP.

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Wow. I received the exact same request today from @sony8943 . I directed him to a similar project that he could use as a starting point, while stressing that we’re fellow hobbyists, not free coding on demand.

I get a few of these types of PM posts… and am aware that many are spammed to multiple other members. But as they are “private” I am unsure of how to control it, aside from making some of mine public and mildly admonishing them.

PS, to all new (and regular) members… I don’t mind your PM conversations with me… just don’t ask me “out of the blue” to “help code, wire, teach, etc.” or they may not stay “private” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (EDIT - that applies mostly to new users :wink: )

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