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Right now I am running a working project using Blynk and WeMos to control a Robot Hand for selecting music by pushing buttons on an old (1977) AMI Jukebox. Blynk Button widgets simulate the real jukebox buttons and all is working fine!
For a next step it would be fine to have some kind of List Widget presenting list of names of the playable records. So the record selection could be made by record name rather than by a 3-digit record number.
I can see there is a Menu Widget close to this, but it is essential that the list (or menu) could be populated with record names dynamically from the MCU. So there would be no need to update the Blynk App when selections change.
I understand my case is not very generic, but probably there could be hundreds of other uses for a List Widget.

use arrow widget & LCD widget,

press arrow, next song displayed in LCD…

all in teh MCU, app side never changes…

there is also a table widget. take a look at the example sketch, maybe it is what you are looking for. it says: “You can also handle other actions coming from table. For example, use row as a switch button.”

Exactly. a table widge and ‘select item’ action should satisfy needs. The limit is 100 records in Blynk cloud though. Can be changed on local server only.

Thank you for your advice. Table Widget seems to be perfect “List Widget”. Please give me some help. I don’t get the idea how the selections from the list are meant to do. Tapping table rows or using separate widget?.

I have tried both the example code snippet opening from the the link you sent and also the whole Table_Advanced.ino sketch.

Thank You

Edit: Obviously tapping must be activated by setting “clickable rows” on. Mea culpa.

Selection in table works for both sides: in app by typing on element in table and from hardware side by sending special command.

Ok. In order to have only one “active” selection on the list I must deselect other selection using hardware sketch. How can I do the deselect or unpick programmatically?

On more thing, please. Now I know how to catch the selection’s index at the hardware side. Can I get all selection details - meaning contents of “name” and “value”?

Thank You

@Dmitriy please help

“Arrow widget”?

It is technically called a Step Widget… but the buttons default to arrows (thus the popular nickname) and can be changed to - + ) There are two types, Step H and Step V

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Supporting strongly improvements to Table Widget suggested by @Jamin saying:

“Also another great option would be to have the table rows deselected when they’re entered.
Or have the option to deselect a row via the index number”


Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "deselect", rowIndex);
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "select", rowIndex);
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "unpick", rowIndex);