Linkit One Support (WiFi & GPRS)

I tried provided Linkit One code and it does not work at all. Please Blynk Team or someone do it.
Although not in plans from start, GPRS support would be very useful for reading sensors remotely where no WiFi is available. Also waiting for BLE support.

The LinkItONEDevGroup found a workaround! Have a look at their LASS project. It seems the “yield()”-function is the culprit for the trouble? I tested their example with WiFi but rewriting for GPRS should be no problem.

Hope this helps :wink:

Il looks like they just included:

#define ARDUINO 150 // to avoid Blynk library use yield() in function run(), without this. system will crash!

We could take into account this in our library, but unfortunately can’t test it without the device…

Thanks, I have suggested Seeed to come forward and provide assistance to Blynk and community.

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In the latest version on master brunch of Blynk, their fix should not be needed anymore… :slight_smile: