Linking UNO and ESP8266

Well, that is kind of like towing your truck around with a sports car… just because you need the storage room in the truck box :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyhow, I actually don’t know if it can take the AT firmware needed to be used as a shield (probably, but NOT a common move - you would have to figure that one out), nor precisely how you would link it (but most likely via the usual TX/RX.

You could try acquiring an ESP32 if you need more true IoT and pin versatility.

Otherwise I would still just recommend running your NodeMCU it as a Standalone with Blynk sketch… and then linking it to an an Arduino, running basic code and reading your sensors or whatnot and communicating back and forth with the ESP, via serial or i2c, using EasyTransfer… as mentioned above.