Limit automations to "owned" devices only?

I have a device working well and I’m starting to sell them (mostly to forgiving family and friends so far) but as I sell to strangers, I’m worried that everyone can see all the automation in an organization.

What are best practices around letting people create their own automation without seeing everyone else’s (and potentially altering them if they’re jerks).

Have others run into this or solved it?

I’m using Blynk 2.0 and currently, I have all my buyers in the same organization.


What plan do you have?

The solution we use is to set up each user in their own sub-organization. Each sub-organization will get 50 automations.

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I’m on the pro plan. But basically, create an organization for every single customer?

Yes, that’s how the necessary security is established.


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As @PeteKnight said, yes one organization per customer. It sounds like a pain, but it is actually pretty easy and does help to keep everything lined up. Also by using Sub-Orgs all of the higher Orgs settings carry down, user settings, available templates, etc.

Just an FYI I have also confirmed that the number of sub-orgs allowed will grow with the level of Pro plan you have.

Hopefully this helps!

Yeap. That’s the way. We plan to make it more “automatically” for PRO users, but that’s not gonna happen soon. Also, you already can do that on Business plan (newly registered users will be automatically created within their suborg)