Limit access to Tabs by user

Hello friends. I am Flavio Lemos, a PRO User.
On the computer’s browser I know how to limit users’ access to tabs. Is there a way to do this on mobile blynk?
Or, if its not possible, is there a way to limit access so that users don’t change values ?


Hi, what exactly do you mean by tabs on mobile?

The feature you can use to limit user access on mobile is Pages (they are parts of templates on mobile): one of the page types is the device info tab, for which you can select roles of the user that can access it (user/staff/admin), this will work if you have two types of users: with access to the feature and not. Device Info Tab pages in the result are visible in the Device Info screen in tabs after ‘information’ and ‘timeline’ for the users with appropriate roles.

Hello, Alex.

I am talking about the Tabs Widget. I’ve created 4 tabs and I don’t wanto to allow users (only staff and admins may access) to have access to these Tabs. On the web dashboard I can limit access when creating the template. There is an icon on the right top where I can limit the access of each tab. But I can’t see anything like it when creating the mobile template.

Hi, we don’t support such limitations on mobile for tabs widget. But on PRO plan you have access to Pages, so you can create Device Info tabs which are available only for admin user: Pages - Blynk Documentation


There is some confusion in the terminology.
On the web dashboard we have tabs (they actually pages) and on the mobile we have tabs widget and pages. So tabs on the web and pages on the mobile can be access restricted. You just need to replace the tabs widget with Pages.

Thank you. The The PAGES solved my problem.

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