Liking all the new features like tags etc but

Upgraded to the latest master branch of the Blynk libraries and Android app today.

Resizing of widgets, vertical slider and tags etc are great.

But maybe I’m missing something.

In setup() after the Blynk connection I have:

Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, 0); // ensure V5 Updates ON / OFF button is shown as OFF on reboot

If I have the project linked to one device the virtualWrite works as expected but if I use the tag system to have 2 ESP’s in the project the virtualWrite fails and simply leaves the button in the same state as it was in (ON or OFF) before the ESP reboot.

The same applies to 3 sliders that have sync’s in setup(). In fact each of the 3 sliders are allocated a range of 1500 to 2500 and with the tag in place the sync brings them all back at 0.

Any ideas @Dmitriy ?

Yeap. That’s correct. Tags right now is only for app -> hardware communication.

What state of button would you expect on Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, 0); when you are using tag with 3 buttons?

@Costas those behaviour you’re trying to achieve will be done with Device Selector widget that comes in few days.

This is bug, well, not a bug but not implemented yet. I’ll do fix today -

Thanks for the updates.

Not sure I understand ‘tag and 3 buttons’. V5 is simply a single button with an OFF (0) state or ON (1) state. Technically you could say there are ‘2’ virtual buttons, one for each of the tagged devices but not 3?

As it is only app to hardware at present I understand why it doesn’t work.

Sorry, I mean 3 devices.

Or it is a state holder for 3 devices :slight_smile:.

but I only have 2 devices set up at present so 3 never comes into it :slight_smile: