LED Widgets Broken by App Upgrade (iOS)

I upgraded the Blynk app on my iPhone to the latest (8 Jan) release yesterday evening. As soon as I did that all the LED widgets on my projects stopped working.

They meant to light up when the virtual pin value is set to 1 and go off when it is set to 0. And that has worked fine prior to me doing the upgrade. I use the Blynk nodes in Node Red to do this.

After a while this morning I stumbled on this thread

Sure enough, once I changed my Node Red flows to send 1023 for “on” instead of “1” the LEDs started working again.

So it looks like the iOS app previously did NOT support dimming of the LED widgets and now it does. That’s ok I suppose, but it would be nice if there was advance warning if something like that changes which will break existing widgets.

Exactly. Docs. updated accordingly.

Agree. We missed that. Too many changes were done in latest release. Sorry for inconveniences.

I’ve seen other posts that say the max value is 255 rather than 1023. Can you confirm which value I should be using please?

You should use 0-255