LED Widget Timeout Option

There might be another way… but I was hoping to use an LED to check if another Blynk sensor is online.

Both devices are using the same auth code and every second it sends the LED.on() command to a Vport.

The issue i ran in to is what the hardware goes offline, and stops sending data every second, the LED contiunes to stay on.

I was hoping maybe a frequency/timeout option could be added in the widget settings so that after say 5 seconds, if it doesnt receive an ON command then turn off the led OFF on the app side.

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One of the solutions, for now, would be using the bridge and two seperate tokens. You could send a message from Device 1 to Device 2 and reply from Device 2. As there is no reply from Device 2 within time x seconds you know something is wrong.

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I wanted to try and avoid using a bridge in my system (if possible)

In every project I add vLED for control processor operation. vLED is periodically turned on / off at 1 to 2 seconds using the library Timer. When vLED stops flashing I know that there is something wrong with the processor.

i can tell my hardware is offline if the RTC clock display stops going forwards… (it also shows me when the hardware stopped)

Well, you can use different vPins to send command “inside the token hardware”. That should result in the same output. Check if MEssage is received on vPin x, send back vo vPin Y. Come to think of it, that should work without bridge fine :slight_smile: