LED widget not able to be set programmatically when used inside a tile or a project with more than one device

LED widget not able to be set programmatically when used inside a tile (with many devices) or a project with more than one device.

Before I launch into details - is this a known bug? Wary about spending much time explaining it if it’s in line to be fixed - noting that fixing stuff is not a priority at the moment so may take some time to get a fix.

I have projects with multiple devices and I can set LED widgets programmatically.

Two things to check…

  1. you’ve actually selected the correct device in your widget setup and the MCU that you’re using to control the widget is using the correct Auth code for that device.

  2. that if you’re trying to turn the LED on by using Blynk.virtualWrite then you’re writing 255 for maximum brightness, not 1.


The issue arose when I wanted to move the functionality of a single device project with a led to a project with tiles and many devices. The code on the device now controlled by the tile project had no changes other than a change to the blynk auth code. The led worked fine on the single device project but then not on the tile project. However, I then did as you said and made sure I turned the led on using 255. I didn’t need to do this on the single device project. Makes sense it needs to be turned on but I’m a bit perplexed as to why it didn’t in the single device code and yet it did need to be turned on in the tile based project. Just to be clear I was not using the turning on and off functionality - I was just flipflopping the colour green/red. I was not seeing the colour at all until I turned it on.

Anyway.its working now. If you ask no questions you will be told no lies so I’ll leave it at that :slight_smile:

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