LED Text Cut Off

I notice the name label for a LED widget on android is truncated if it’s too long. Anyway we can get the option to widen the widget to show all text, or maybe a separate label widget? It may occur on other widgets, I just haven’t noticed.

You can use Labeled Value widget. Input static text and put " " to its’ label.

LED is too small to allow more characters.

Unacceptable. The Label value is 4x the cost of an LED. Give us the option to resize widgets, or at least make it an option to auto size to fit text. Why not a free label widget? It costs nothing server side.

Resizing widgets is a very complicated task. We will do it someday, but it won’t happen fast.

How about a couple different size widgets then?

different sized LED widgets?

maybe you could use a gauge widget where 0 = OFF and 100 = ON?