LED status in a background tab not change

When hardware update a LED status that is in a background tab. The LED status will not change.
Can someone help to confirm this?
Thanks a lot!

You mean that when hardware update happens and your in a different tab and you go to that tab ( with the led ) afterwards that the led is still not changed ?

Yes, this is what I mean.

Hello. ios/Android? Latest version? Dow do you change LED value?

Well i have not tested it but, i often have 1 tab open on my phone and another tab open on my ipad that is fixed to the wall and it seems to update just fine. So yes i think Blynk updates it in the background.

Hi, I use Android 6 phone + ESP8266 + Blynk library 0.4.4.
When I put a button and a LED in the same tab, everything works great. (I push the button then ESP8266 update the LED status). But when I move the same LED to another tab. I push the button in tab 1(for example) then switch to tab 2. The LED status just not change.

Can you show the code you are using. Please format the posted code as shown here:

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Thanks for the report. There are issues with not updatable widgets on a previously opened tab. It is already fixed and will be released soon, this new release is currently on test.