LCD widget - two problems (one possible bug)


I use LCD widget in my project.
I have two problems with it:

1. For some reason I cannot make the LCD widget print “%” sign. When I put it like this:

lcd.print(15, 0, “%”);

what I get is “…” (three dots).
Checked it also with “/” sign and I also get … sign.

BTW - on a real LCD what i can do is to write the code like this:
lcd1.setCursor(0, 0); lcd1.print("Wilgotnosc "); lcd1.setCursor(12, 0); lcd1.print(sensorValue); lcd1.print("%");

What this is good for is that no matter if the sensorValue variable is 3 digits long or two or one, my “%” sign is always just after the last digit (example “6%” “60%” “100%”), and with your solution I have to put it in this way:
lcd.print(0, 0, "Wilgotnosc "); lcd.print(12, 0, sensorValue); lcd.print(15, 0, "P");

Which not only doesn’t support the percentage sign, but also prints the variable oddly since the position of the P sign is fixed (“6 P” “60 P” “100P”).
Maby it would be good to allow for just the “print” without the cursor being a must in every lcd.print call?

2. Since you ask not to overload your servers I decided to update the LCD, only when there is a change in one of variables. But this makes the app show nothing on the LCD widget after starting the app until one of the variables change… How can I get to Arduino the information “somebody opened the app - show him what is on the LCD”? I know that there is the blynk.connect() function which gives me boolean but from what i understand it prints out the status of the connection- arduino2server not the information, did somebody just opened the app on a mobile. True?

Hope I worte this in a clear way. If you need any more info - please ask.

Is it iOS / Android?

It is on iOS.

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