LCD Widget over BLE

Hi Everyone-

New user but super psyched about the possibilities of Blynk! I realize that the BLE is beta but after extensive searching I can’t seem to find anyone who has successfully used the LCD widget with bluetooth. Am I missing something? I have successfully connected to Blynk with HM10 and Arduino UNO but no dice printing to the LCD. I suppose I should mention I am on iOS.

Thank you very much!


Here is Blynks example sketch for just this combo of UNO, BT/BLE and the LCD Widget

I don’t think iOS could be an issue… if you can see the widget you should be able to use it.

thanks for the reply.

as i suspected i’m an idiot. i had BLE connected to arduino RX/TX pins and not the 10/11 swserial pins. working now!


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