LCD not updating properly, but it used to

In my project, I’m using two LCD’s in advanced mode. They have been working fine but recently started not displaying the top line and/or not updating – BUT – only when the project is “active” or “focused” on the app (Android). If I press the “back arrow” button, which let’s me swipe left and right to see my other projects or add a new one, then the LCDs DO update properly (when the display is about 80% the size in that “preview” mode). Because of this I do not think the problem is with my code.

Does anyone else have this issue?

@njc thank you fro reporting. we will check.

i have this issue too.

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Guys, we have fixed it. We’ll be released with the next update

Awesome! Thanks.

@njc should be fixed now. Please check with latest Blynk app.

It seems to work - Thanks!