LCD I2C real and blynk widget same time


Arduino pro. LCD I2C. Blynk
I have conflict from library liquidcrystal_i2c and blynk because “lcd.Print” is the same in both library. Each one alone is good because my project publish on widget lcd app Android and real lcd. I need to use both same time. How can fix the problem? Tks

Do you have a line in your sketch that says:

WidgetLCD lcd(Vx);

If so, change it to:

WidgetLCD blynk_lcd(Vx);

then use the blynk_lcd object when you want to write to the Blynk LCD widget.


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can u give me example sir? about the “blynk_lcd” to write on the widget

@Arfan_Viantiar you appear to be spamming the forum with vague questions in old topics related to the LCD widget.
I’d suggest that you start a new “need help with my project” topic and provide all of the background information that is requested, then explain what it is that you are trying to achieve and what problems you are facing.