LCD connecting over usb?

is it possible to use the LCD widget for the USB coding…if so, do i have to change any of the coding from the sketches coding???

Please explain what you would like to do, what’s the goal?

The goal is to interface the LCD widget with a real LCD display…at the moment I’m trying to connect both over usb…or do I have to use Ethernet Shield?

I’m not sure what do you mean by “connect both over USB”

Blynk library can’t handle real LCD input/outputs.

You need to control real LCD display with the LCD library and if you need to mirror the same info on Blynk LCD widget - check example sketch for LCD widget.

So its possible to display the same info from the LCD display to the LCD widget ??
I’m still confuse about the LCD widget pins though…its says here on the sketch

App dashboard setup:
LcD widget on V1
What is that suppose to mean?


It means that you:

  1. add an LCD Widget in the Blynk app,
  2. go to LCD widget settings
  3. set mode to advanced
  4. choose Virtual Pin 1