Latest update

After this latest update, when reconnecting to the server the graph goes to the 1m setting ignoring the previous setting it was on. Also the text in the value field appears to be clipped from the bottom.

Is that 1.11.1 version?

A few things have been muddled it seems…

Yes that is the one…

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Is your graph configured with pins? I could reproduce this issue only with not configured graph

I have a similar problem as the numbers in my value widget have been cut in half.

Just wondering if this is a problem with the latest update, or should I be looking elsewhere to solve this?

Latest version. Fix on it’s way.

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Excellent, many thanks

OK, thank you. Will wait in anticipation.:slight_smile:

Please check latest (1.11.2) update.

Thanks for the quick update, that seems to have fixed the issues.

Not working yet. Did not have an upgrade available in Google store so I deleted and reinstalled but still the same. I don’t know why the upgrade is not available for me yet. Anyway guess I’ll have to wait a while. Many thanks for the fast response.

OK it finally came through. All is working well, thanks.

Some feedback.

The “g” is cut off at the bottom and the text is rather small.

Could you please tell us what device do you have?

Sony Xperia L (cell phone).