Latest Server Error with " -Dcheckstyle.skip=true " command "

Latest Server Error with " -Dcheckstyle.skip=true " command "

Please supply more details then that… where and when do you see this error, etc.

Many others, including myself, are running latest Local Server without issues, so you probably have a syntax error or something .

@Dmitriy known this issue
It accure when you want to create server file with main command without -Dcheckstyle.skip=true

Yes… it was offered as a temporary fix for installing Server from source files… Admittedly something I have never needed to do, and thus haven’t run into any issues with my personal Local Server updates.

But as I interpret it, whatever install issue has since been fixed. So what lead up to you needing to use this command? That is the details I was suggesting you include… as you do tend to forgo clarity and details in your posts :stuck_out_tongue:

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