Latest iOS update doesnt open

Just noticed the blynk update on iOS overnight.

The app no longer opens… and eventually crashes.

iPhone 6S
Latest app update. 2.8.1

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarted device but the same problem.

Just sits on the splash screen for 2min before crashing to the springboard

@Dmitriy, @eugene

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Hmm false alarm… it seems to have just come right after mulitple reinstalls and restarts…

So it is ok now?

Seems okay yeh… but no explaination why… it involved at least 2 restarts and 2 re-installs before it came right.

ehh :worried: reinstalling means I won’t get crash report…

bahhhh didnt know that D:

I have the same problem on iOS9.3.5 on iphone 4s. But the same update on iOS10.2 on iPad pro works fine.

What’s account email? (you can private msg me)

now it works fine. dont know if you did smth, but thanks a lot