Latency and BaudRate

I am facing some latency when dimming an LED with a slider.
Is this normal, even via WIFI?
Can I use higher Baudrate than 9600 for communication an would that improve anything?

Thx for your feedback


Hi, yes, it is normal behavior. We have 2 limitations here :
a) On app side we limit number of messages when you moving slider. For instance we do not send 100 mesages per second when you moved slider from position 0 to position 100 within 1 second. We found that such load may crash some devices, ethernet shields, etc;
b) TCP/IP network stack itself may have some limitations on smoothly messaging processing.

If this is critical for you please tell us. We will consider what we can do here.

Honestly, I think it is a very negative behaviour for an led light. Not sure about other projects.
Let me explain my project so you understand:

i have built an LED lighting for my aquarium:

  • I have 5 colours: White, Blue, royalBlue, Purple, Red (plus RGB Leds in addition for moonlight simulation)
  • The entire lamp exist of 4 alu PCB boards: Each board has 7 LED driver (constant current driver)(2 for white, 2 for blue and 1 for the other 3 colours
  • each driver controls 8 LEDs at 400mA
  • in total I have 28 Driver
  • on each PCB I have a 12 Bit LED driver to dim each LED driver
  • In total it is 4 12 Bit driver that will be controlled via I2C
  • I have one arduino board (atmega1284) to control the driver with the I2C exit

so much about my setup - you will notice: Its only about controlling LEDs.

Today was the first time to test your application wiht the real lighting.
IN general - awesome to use your app.

However, the latency is not real cool for such a project:

  • a smooth fading is not really possible, its very hard (each step is visible)

Ok, currently I use a workaround (Cause I am still waiting for WIFLY Board to work with blynk)

  • i use a mega board with ethernet shield to talk to blynk
  • the mega talks via an xbee with the atmega 1284 board
  • blynk to mega2560: slider uses 255 steps
  • mega2560 to 1284: xbee sends 255 steps
  • on 1284 I use map to get 12 bit (4095)
    But anyways: I previousley used OSC and with the same setup it was much better performing.

Last point: I dont have a problem if there is a delay if I am connecting through 3g or LTE, but at least if I am in the same WIFI network, I would expect it to work much better and faster.

Let me know if you have this on mind - I am pretty sure more people will face this problem in future. I mean: If you talk to a robot, isnt it necessary to have fast reaction when sliding or anything?

Thx for all your support, I really love this project


When you saying “in the same WIFI network” does that mean you installed Blynk server locally? If not - have in mind that right now our servers are in New York. Later we will provide servers for every region. But not right now. For now you could try local Blynk server, it will resolve your issue in case problem is indeed in latency.

Also, could you tell me results of “ping”?