Last State Sync Issue

Running standard script and UNO/ESP8266 with IOS I have noticed with simple LED button widget that if I lose power to the UNO and upon power return the script will re-run but the LED button widget and corresponding LED on the UNO is now out of sync and not set to the last known state.

The simple test confirms that the widget and UNO are losing last known state if power reset on UNO:
1 - Set IOS LED button widget to ON and corresponding LED on UNO is now also ON
2 - Remove power from UNO and UNO LED is now OFF (Duh) and IOS widget still indicates LED ON
3 - Restore power to UNO and upon wifi connection UNO LED is OFF and IOS widget still indicating LED ON
4 - Toggle IOS LED widget OFF and UNO LED remains OFF
5 - Toggle IOS LED widget ON and UNO LED now ON (and only now are we back in correct sync)

Thanks for reporting it out again.
It’s a known issue and we think it’s a really important one. We are currently thinking about the most elegant way to solve it.

is this resolved now ?

@visovarun yes.