Labeled Values not correct?

My Blynk widget (mobile phone) shows all Labeled Values cutted, with decimals always zero (= 0, see picture). All are Labeled Values, all formatted with /pin.#/ (last one with /pin.##/ just to test)

My PC terminal shows all values correctly formatted, with correct first decimal like i wish: RL 24.2 TL 24.6 PL 24.9 JL 23.3

May sound stupid but i’m pretty sure this worked correctly before i today updated Blynk and some other libraries. I am developing new system so i decided to update …

Anyone ?

How you define and send the value in code can also affect this… Eg. as Integer.

Show us the code.

First printed to terminal, then attached to virtual pin, not any handling between. Code is at home, i’m not before 8 hours…