Labeled Value Text size problem (local server)

Hello everybody,

I recently deploy a Blynk Serveur on Pine64.

All is fine, exept the size of text in labeled values.

The size of the text does not persist on my smartphone Blynk app and always returns to the average size, which is too big for the label (it overflows partially, so I have difficulty reading the value easily, part of the text is hidden).

I use Blynk app 2.25.1 on Android 6 on LG G3.

My local server is server-0.36.5-java8.jar on Pine64 2Go Debian Jessie 8.10 version.

I would have like to fix all text of value to “little” (the “little T” option).

Many thanks in anticipation for help !


Hello. You need to use the latest one.

ok Dmitriy, I installed the server-0.38.0-java8.jar version, everything is in order now.

but I don’t know how to put that demand on solved :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the help !


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