Label field in web dashboard that can act as input

In our setup we would like to be able to send a “pincode” to the device via Blynk.

This is probably possible in the app but as our idea is that an administrator or front desk will have maybe 600 devices to manage it is a bit troublesome to do this via the app on a mobile device .

Using the (map option in the) web interface gives a much better overview and option to scroll/select a device.

Is this an option that could be implemented?

Is that a different requirement to what is being discussed here (the text input web dashboard widget)…

The reference to the map option confuses me slightly - maybe you could clarify if you are asking for something different.


Hi Pete, thx again for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

nope, this is most likely exactly what I wanted. Great that it will be implemented shortly!

With the reference to the map option I wanted to point out why we need it in the web dashboard.
The web dashboard with map option (on the “My devices” page) is very handy (certainly compared to the app) if you have to manage a lot of devices and need to find/select the device you want to update/view.

(our use case is a few hundred holiday houses in a park that have to be managed by 1 reception)

Text input widget is on the final stage of testing.