Konekt vs. Spark

For scaling purposes…what is the difference between Konekt vs. Spark?

The hardware is very similar. They claim that battery management is better than Spark’s.
However Konekt is way more flexible than Electron. They propose using their cloud, but it’s not obligatory. It seems that their data plans are cheaper. For scaling purposes: they both propose strategies to scale. Both of them are still very young, so we’ll see.

It’s definitely interesting to see more players on this field!

@Pavel, none of the Spark devices require that you use their cloud. It is completely optional as well!

Thanks for pointing out. But you can’t do over the air updates without the Cloud, correct?

@Pavel, I’d like to say that is true but the Photon/Electron will change the game… a LOT! We will know more when the Photon is released very soon.

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