Keeping track of values and Time: Blynk 2.0

Hie. I would like a brief overview/guidance of the approach that I could take if I want to implement the following:

  1. ) Record the actual time that a button has been switched on(e.g. 10.00-11.00). The value that was on the chart when the switch was switched on, and the value that was on the chart when the switch was switched off should also be recorded.
  2. ) Come up with a recommendation for the user after a week based on these recordings.

Hello. That’s already there - it’s called “users log actions” (please ignore the screenshot in that link, it’s wrong, we’ll fix it soon). Also, there is a “device log actions” - it’s a log of actions that users performed over a particular device. However. this is a PRO feature (or maybe even PLUS plan feature, don’t remember to be honest)

Could you please explain more?

Thank you so much Dmitriy!!

For coming up with a recommendation, I mean after a week of logging the users actions, the user will then be notified when to turn on the switch and when to turn it off based on his/her patterns.

@Tinzyl you mean something like create a routine actions based on the user activities, for example if the user turn on the light at 6 pm then after a week the light will turn on automatically at 6 pm, am I right ?

Yes, that’s right John!!

Nice idea, it’s like machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence (AI).

You still can use automation.

Alright, thanks a lot John!! Let me try it out!!

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It doesn’t sound like a simple task. Also, it may be not always desired (by the end users). I think you need to look into automations, most likely it’s what you need.

True. It’s not that simple. Really looking forward to the day when Python code will easily be integrated with Blynk(i.e. passing on data to widgets, etc just using python without the need of any external sensors.).

You can do that already via HTTP API, the only problem you’ll need to manually create a device for that as we don’t have such API endpoint (to create a new device).

Ahhh I see! Thank you so much for the help Dmitriy!!