Jumping slider values

Someone complained about the slider jumping to zero. I have another issue. I try to adjust servo angles between 50 and 500. So the slider might be at say 376. I want to raise it to 380. I place my finger on the slider and drag. When the app recognises my finger movement, the slider handle jumps to some random value like 312 and starts sliding upwards.
Expected behaviour: When the app recognises my finger movement, it should continue from the value 376.
What probably happens: When the app recognises my finger movement, it figures out a coordinate for my finger and places the slider handle at that spot, not bothering what the previous value was.
This is very annoying and I wonder whom it serves. I’m not really interested in the absolute value the tiny digits tell me. For that I have a data dump routine. I want to keep my eyes on my servos and the movement they perform while I drag the slider. Now, before I drag, I have to look at the previous value, then I have to carefully slide to that same value, then I can drag to a new value.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite for the Blynk app. Other than this, the app works just great. I added Step buttons, with which I do the fine adjust that i just can’t do with the jumping slider.

Have you tried to set the Slider settings option ‘send on release’ to ON - so it will send a new value only after you will stop dragging the slider?

In any case, I will check this issue - how large is your slider’s width?