Joystick values jump to negative values

Hi I am using an Iphone 8 with the latest IOS.
I have a robot drive project using the joystick.
The home values are 511 511.

When I touch the stick with my thumb the values stay at 511 511.
However as I move my thumb up in the positive direction (intending to drive the robot forward), the y value actually drops down to around 350 instead of increasing!
This causes my robot to actually drive backwards momentarily until I continue to slide my thumb up and the value then jumps to a value above 511. At this time the robot drives forward.
This issue is easy to see as the widget shows the x,y values on the screen.
The x values appear to work correctly.

Not sure if this problem exists on the android client.

This should be easily fixed ?

Ya I experienced the same issue. For my case I left a “window” in the code. But makes it hard to control. Maybe the devs have something to say…

Yep, looks like a bug of iOS app. Will fix in next update.
Thanks for report.

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Hey when do we look for this update?

Hi @daveblynk,

Should be shortly, maybe few days. All pending fixes are done, but we’re dealing with some dependencies Apple doesn’t like to push the update.

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This was too optimistic, still waiting for some dependencies fixes…

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@Eugene Can’t find the post right now about allowing decimal ranges in super chart but I imagine it will also be available in gauges?

yes, I’ll check that gauge supports floating min/max

Hi Eugene. Any update on this joystick bug?
It is still causing havoc with my Robot!

Thanks and regards,

The update fixed my issues.

My bad for not checking.
Yes the update has fixed this.