Issues with restarts

Hi - two of my three Arduino MEGA’s are restarting every 30 mins on average. I have these communicating to a local Blynk Server.

I have a WDT activated so I assume it is kicking in. The weird thing is I have the exact same code on three separate MEGA’s each at three different locations but two of them restart every 30 mins and one does not.

I’m kindof stumped so wanted to know if there is anything that I should (or could) look for in the local Blynk Server logs that might assist in trouble shooting. My first guess is that Blynk is reconnecting and it triggers the WDT - but I want to validate this in some way without watching Serial monitor screen as these devices are in remote locations.

Hi. You need to enable trace level of logs and monitor logs. You’ll see exactly reason of disconnection in logs.

hi Dmitriy I have trace logs captured during a restart - problem is deciphering it - i tried to do it but to be honest I’m struggling to understand the meaning of many of the messages and interpreting a cause. I know my project ID etc., but I could do with some help on interpreting the logs themselves. Any suggestions ? [I could provide you with the file to download from onedrive if you wanted to see for yourself as it might point to an issue that others may be experiencing] ?