Issues with API Service on command "Get for Digital pin" on (Nodemcu)

i use latest local server and Android APP So i have a issues with this command this value not true:

when i change the value to “0” it(The above Link) shown “1” and it’s not true.
same Problem with Other Digital Pin on Nodemcu.
I try many Time but Doesn’t Fix. And on Old Version Too.

so how can i use https://LocalAddress/auth_token/notify
to push notify???

That’s because you should be working to GPIO references not the strange “D” references that NodeMCU and others have on their boards.

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Covered in the docs at blynkapi · Apiary

Basically a POST not a GET command with the message text in the body of your post.

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so you mean will be work?
but dose not work

Just a simple 16.

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doesn’t work

" Wrong pin format."

That’s because it’s not the syntax in the API.

It requires POST and a body.

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Actually the GET pin value does use the D for digital but not D for NodeMCU labels.

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to use API Get for Digital pin it require a widget assigned to that Pin or Blynk send (digitalRead) command?

I mean that requre some code or Blynk do it?

Syntax is /D16 for GPIO 16 (labelled D0 on your hardware) but you must have digital (GPIO) pin 16 in your project.

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