Issues with 2.27.2

@Dmitriy & @BlynkAndroidDev


Is there a quick way I can roll back to 2.27.1. I’ve just updated to 2.27.2 and there is now a whole host of suff not working. Widgets not communicating/updating. Colours not being updated on widgets etc.

It will take me a while to document it all I I need it back to where it was.

As far as I can see its’ mostly if not all on my screens under tiles. Speed of update and just data not being there on the widgets randomly.

Alex. I might be able to share the project and we can talk it through if we can get cracking.

I have a couple of simple issues to show and explain that might show us the way to fixing the more complex ones.

You can share your project:, what exactly is not working on tiles?

After the update today, I also had problems with device tiles. Updates of widgets occur every other time, but for the most part the readings of the widgets are incorrect. Also, when switching between tiles, the values ​​of the widgets do not change. Before the update, everything worked steadily for a month. How to roll back?

There is no roll back on Google Play, you can join our beta and send logs from your app after reproducal of this issue - it can help us to debug your issue, and we will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Are you using local or cloud server? If local then what version of the server software are you using?
What version of the Blynk library was used when you compiled your device firmware?


I’m sharing my project with @BlynkAndroidDev with a simple example of what is not working. So hopefully he will nail it soon. Full confidence in him :slight_smile:

Which exactly tiles I need to check, so I can see what’s wrong with not updating widgets in them?


I sent an email to you but here it is:

OK I’ve done a share to the project and sent it to the email address.

Try something simple first. Then we can progress to the others. Hopefully if you fix the simple the others will go away J

So on my tile page scroll down to the Poly Tunnel tile.

You can see the temp OK. This is being updated OK I can see that.

Go into this tile. Try the slider for data frequency. Whenever I go into the project and to the tile it’s reset to 1. Try pushing the get data button. This should update the temperature label widget and also update the update widget with date/time. Not happening.

That should be good to get going with. J

I am using a cloud server, library version 0.6.0. The devices are far away from me, I can not change the firmware. Interestingly, the temperature readings are displayed correctly on the tiles themselves, but when opening the tile, the sensor data, graphics, status LEDs are displayed incorrectly, as if in the default mode.

Please describe other issues, while I’ll test described issues.

Also, the button does not work, by pressing which data is sent to the devices.
I also noticed that when you restart the application, if you click on one of the tiles, the data from this tile will be displayed further when you open any of the other ones.

I concur with Curtis

Try hut heating tile. Slider is reset each time I enter. But after a while it gets the value. Speed of update issue? Seem to remember having this issue some time ago.

The others are a bit complex to paint the scenario right now. I’m hoping if you fix the above then I can test the complex ones and they may be fixed. If not then I’ll take the time to describe.

But also in the meantime the colour property update is not working. See tile shed heating tile. Settings tab. the temperature timer sliders should be different colours as set in the device.

But on the good side the home screen widget from tile s working :slight_smile:

Most of the tiles in have a terminal. You can wonder around and find them. They are not being updated.

I know everything is working outside the tile as I can see it happening by selecting the device consoles tab on the main screen (scroll to the right) and you can see the terminal update happening for each device when you select the device.

A button located outside the tiles, which resets the counter inside all the tiles immediately works correctly. So the problem is with the contents of the tiles. If I add widgets outside the tiles for any of the devices, they work well.

Ditto here. Defo the tiles.

Trouble is it’s only you and I who use the tiles so no one picked it up in the beta :slight_smile: @Gunner hates them so he hasn’t tested them.

I need tiles. I have many devices with the same functionality. You can certainly use device selector , but it is not so convenient in terms of visualization and control.

I’m uploading a build with a fix to widgets search in tiles on write and set property commands, so probably it will fix most of your issues.

Thanks. Can you let me know when it’s available so I can drag it down proactively and test.

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