Issue editing / adding widgets when utilizing tabs

OS: iOS 9.3.1

When editing project with multiple tabs I am finding that sometimes when I tap the screen to add a widget it appears to pull up a widget from another tab to edit. If I flip tabs I can edit the proper tab, but when I flip back to the one I was adding a widget to it still won’t let me add one and treats my touch as if I’m touching the widget on the other tab.

If I hit play and then stop to go back to editing everything is fine.

@ashvetsov please take a look

Basically, I observed the same issue. Editing tabs is all mess up.

@rmeder @ITAlex I’ll appreciate if you provide me with more details about how to reproduce this issue.
Have you found some exact case or is it only sometimes issue?

In my case, I have three tabs, not sure if because I am using the same virtual pins, they get mess up. Here is what I have. For example, V5, and V6 are assigned to three different tabs, if I edit the pins number on any tab, they all get convoluted. I have not tried to assign to each tab its own pin number. I will do that this week, and report more later.

I have History Graph Widget on these tabs, they show me in a very nice way. the relationship between heat and humidity

Sorry, I missed this request. Are you still looking for details?

Can we mark it as SOLVED if it’s solved for you?

It is still a problem. Not a big issue of course, but here’s how to reproduce.

iOS 9.3.2

Some specifics that might come into play:
Editing on the 4th tab.
2 buttons top left.
Terminal widget mid-screen.


  1. Navigate to tab
  2. Press stop square at top right to edit
  3. Touch open space at bottom and it will take you to widget box as expected
  4. Press play
  5. Press stop
  6. Touch open space at bottom and it will bring up the widget that is in that space on the first tab.

To fix from there I just have to hit play again, touch another tab, return to tab I want to edit, and hit stop. It will now work as expected again.

I’m sorry for the major delays in reply. I don’t get an email or any alert.