Is there a way to link a physical button (toggle) 1 physical output pin to control a relay on a ESP8266-01S

Hi all,
Happy new year. I have a working project with ESP8266-01S controlling 04 solid state relays using GPIO 0, 1, RX and TX pins.
Now i am required to make an additional physical button (touch module TTTP223) to extend the ability to control relays manually using touch buttons without using I2C extension board. As we have only 4 usable pins for output. Can you recommend me a way how to attach touch buttons to the output pin of the ESP8266-01S with thanks.
I tried to search for an option to control 2 inputs states to set the output state using additional flip/flop, SR latching as well as H-Bridge but failed to get a right way to handle the task.
I hope the forum will bright me up on this issue with thanks!
Dang Dinh Ngoc

Your topic title and the text of your first post seem to be asking two different things.

It’s nor really practical to physical break-out any more GPIOs from the ESP8266 chip, as you don’t have any spare connectors on the ESP-01 board.

It would be possible to add Blynk virtual buttons in the app to control the existing GPIOs, but not to add an additional physical button in a sensible manner.

I’d suggest moving up to something like a Wemos D1 Mini.


Thank Mr. PeteKnight for your quick response.
Please be sorry for mis-matching the title with provided contents. I have to raise this topic as I was requested to handle this task.
With higher version of ESP8266 module or an I2C expansion board, this will be much easier. However, I was requested to solve the problem on the existing hardware and have not found any suitable solution yet.
I hope someone will find this and guide me through the process if there is an available solution (I found the two-way switches in controlling stair-case lamp is of something similar).
Again, thank you very much for your attention!
The attached image is the diagram that I would like to find a way to do without using 2 relays!