Is there a test project for ESP8266?

Hi, is there a basic bare bones project already made for the ESP8266 that I could use to test my ESP and it’s connection to the Blynk server by toggling it’s onboard LED on pin 0? I looked in the Example Sketches under the Blynk menu in the IDE, but I don’t think I see what I need, or am just misunderstanding the naming convention. I’m trying to build a project to toggle relays, but I need to first establish ability to toggle the LED.

Go to the Sketch Builder link at the top of this page, select your board type and connection method, then choose the “LED Status of Button” example.


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I have used this code from sketch builder and is working fine.
Pls help me program a new sketch having 2 inputs and 2 LED widgets.
I am new to all this IoT stuff.
I am using WeMos D1 R1 board

@Yasin_Bashir please create a new " need help with my project " topic and provide as much details as possible.

I’d also suggest that you learn the basics of C++/Arduino programming in whatever format and language suits you best.
If watching YouTube videos is your thing then that’s a good place to start, otherwise there are lots of other free online resources.



I found it pretty helpful while in Sketch Builder to select various Examples to familiarize myself with all of the Blynk related syntax.