Is there a problem with the blynk server right now?

my projects keeps telling me can’t get data from server

What exactly does it say?

in the mobile app it says can not get data from server now
and in the Arduino serial monitor it says cmd not sent and other times failed to disable echo
i’m using Arduino uno with esp8266 as a shield using software serial

ps it was working earlier

What version of app. do you using? I suppose you have outdated client.

@mohamedosama echo issues are normally problems with your wiring. I guess you are disconnecting and reconnecting the tx /rx lines and the ESP between sketch uploads. Be sure your connections are all ok and just reset the com port if needed (disconnect and reconnect the USB cable).

@Dmitriy I see ‘can’t get data from server’ from time to time. Latest app, beta Blynk, Arduino with ESP.

no I have the latest app version just downloaded

Ok, please show me screenshot with message. I still do not understand where it is from.

Dear Mohamed @mohamedosama please let me know are you using the ESP8266 WIFI sheild
with Soft Serial or Hard Serials , as i have the same setup implemented using Arduino nano and ESP-01
Hard serial and working fine since almost 4 Months and continuously running.