Is there a potentiometer module?

I know this is more of an Arduino or Esp8266 (which is what I intend to use) issue. On the other hand, I don’t know if there are people who do this only with Arduino because it only makes sense with Blynk.

I want to make a volume control system for some speakers. I have 4 installed at home and I wanted to control their volume through Blynk. But I didn’t find any Arduino module that I can use for this. I want the receiver to send the signal to the module and the module to the speaker. Because I want to control it individually since I have situations where I need to turn down the volume on only one speaker and keep the others louder. Does anyone know any modules?

Do you have a remote control attach to your amplifier ?
If yes you could use IR module with Blynk

Try the X9C104 100K Digital Potentiometer Module

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Not sure that would work on the output stage of an amplifier. It’s probably designed to be used on the input stage.

Even a fairly modest 10w per channel is quite a hefty load to control within a digital device. Take a look at the output transistors on a typical amplifier, and the heatsinks that they’re bolted to to get an idea of the power dissipation needed to handle the output stage power levels.

I think something like a home cinema controller with IR control would be the best way to go.