Is there a maximum on templates?

I’m on the plus plan and want to add a third (ESP32) device, i can only do this manually by adding to an excisting template but i don’t want that… I want a new third tile, just like the other two.
Is there a limitation?

Here’s the list of limitations

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You can Create more than 2 templates in PLUS plan.

In web console, select the Templates section/page on the left. In this page you should see a button “New Template”.

Edit: you need to start on WEB to Create template and datastreams and get auth. Then you switch to mobile to design your “template”. (If, I myself has not misunderstood.)

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Even with the free plan, which is limited to 2 devices, you can create more than two templates.

Are you trying to do this in the web console?
Are you selecting an existing template and duplicating it, or are you creating a new one from scratch?
What message do you see when trying to create a new template, or are you simply missing the “+ New Template” button?
Do you have Developer Mode turned on for your user, and does that user have an Admin role?


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My apologies. Must have been to late last night, on the template page (on web) i can add a new template (of course) …I was trying to directly add a new device. :blush: