Is nRF24L01 and Teensy 3.1 support still in the cards?

Good day to all.
At one point you were thinking about supporting arduino compatible Teensy series (especially the newer 3.1) as well as the super cheap (under 2 bucks!) 2.4Mhz transceiver.

Are you still going to do them, or do we have a method of writing our own widget for them?


Hi Tim,

Right now we didn’t receive enough requests about Teensy. But we know that this platform is very popular. You are right, we plan this integration, we just focused currently on others things.

If you are eager to start developing Blynk library for Teensy, we will provide you with all the support we can. Especially @vshymanskyy - who is our embedded Yoda :wink:

There is a documentation which will help you to get started: