Is it possible

In my project, I collect data from the field to the raspberry pi, and I need to display the values in the app. Is it possible to display the values - I mean real time values(for every minute) in Blynk App. If it is possible how to send those data from Raspberry pi to Blynk app ( if any code is there, could you please provide me the code).I need to send the data wirelessly.The field will be 200 meters away from my location, I need to get the data from the field to my Blynk app.Just displaying the real time values in the app (Raspberry pi3 --> Blynk app) how to do it, help me out, please

thank you

Firstly, without knowing much more about the infrastructure you are currently using to collect your data, It is nearly impossible to offer many suggestions. But basically, yes, sending typical real-time data from sensor through device to server to app and back, is a common occurrence using Bylink.

Secondly, spend some time looking at other projects people have done here… read up on Blynk’s features and functions in the documents and the many examples of code, as well as general searching around this forum… your reading abilities and imagination are your best resource, followed by Google :wink: then us.

200 meters is easily do-able with the right Wifi equipment. Some ebay antenna’s will do the trick very nicely.

We also have GSM support in case your field is really big :slight_smile:.