Is it possible to use Blynk.notify on a local server without an internet connection?


I am making a project (on a NodeMCU) with a local Blynk server (on a raspberry pi) that is not connected to the internet and I was wondering if I can send notifications from the board to my phone.
Because when my local server is connected to the internet, everything works perfectly (with this I mean a piece of test code that sends a push notification to my phone).
But when it isn’t connected to the internet, I can’t send notifications. And I get the following error in the log:
“ERROR- Error sending push. Reason Temporary failure in name resolution”

Is this because I am doing something wrong, or is it because it is not possible to send push notifications without an internet connection?

It’s really not a good idea to post a question on an old topic, then create your own topic about the same issue. You get response conversations on both topics, which gets messy.

An internet connection is required for Blynk.notify to work.