Is it possible to pass an array of strings to the Blynk.setProperty function for a dropdown menu?

I have Blynk controlling multiple LED strips that display different effects which can be selected in a menu. Rather than set the effects in the Blynk app, I’d like the microcontroller I’m using pass them to the Blynk app using setProperty. However, I don’t want to have go through and add/remove new effects from each call of setProperty in my code so I was thinking it would be easier if I could setup an array of strings in a central location, then just pass that array to all the setProperty calls. That way, I only have to modify the list of effects in one place and it will automatically propagate everywhere else.

Is it possible to pass an array of strings to the setProperty function? So instead of:

Blynk.setProperty(MENUPIN, "labels", "thiseffect", "thateffect", "foo", "bar");

I would do:

const char* thisarray[]{

Blynk.setProperty(MENUPIN, "labels", thisarray);
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Should be possible, you need to check what parameter function takes as the argument and pass it.

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