Is Blynk server offline?

Hi guys

My app doesn’t connect to the server. I haven’t seen any recent post about this issue so maybe something is wrong with my user/software. I get the “couldn’t connect to the server” message on the app and I cannot even see my projects. The app is updated and permissions seem ok (internet access). I am having this problem for 3 days so far.

Does someone know what’s the problem?

As an option, install the Ping & DNS application on your Android smartphone and check the ping to the server, in the line type: and then select TCP.

The server answers normally to ping requests

It’s very rare for the Blynk Cloud servers to be down, and when they are it’s usually only for a few minutes.
You can see the status of the servers at the bottom of this page:


Performed a clean installation and re-login solved my problem.

Thanks guys for your help to narrow the problem