Iphone/ipad screen difference

Sup dudes!

I just made a project for my homedomotic thingie and I noticed there is a difference in the screen between my ipad2 and my iphone 5, both running latest ios. I have a local Blynk server running 0.7.4 on a Rasp Pi with openelec. Here are two screenies:


Is this a known issue? Its not too bad, but I’m wondering :slight_smile:

Yes, we crop dashboard for small screen sizes

Well, the thing is, the bigger one, with he red slider, is the one on my iphone. So the screen is actually bigger on the iphone.

I think blynk isn’t a universal app, what you had on iPad is iPhone app running 2x mode. Though it’s kinda weird that there’re no 1x and 2x button on the screenshot.

  1. There is no dedicated iPad version of Blynk. So if you install Blynk on iPad, you actually get a zoomed version
  2. Your iPad’s screen resolution is lower than on your iPhone’s (I assume 5 or 5s) - that’s why we crop the last row

To make it work on every screen takes a lot of time. So we decided to make a shortcut :smile:

Clear as glass, thanks for the info!