IPhone compatability

Here is a strange one…I created an app for a aquarium controller and I have it running successfully on my Android phone. I gave a clone copy of this app to my friend who has an IPhone 7 running IOS 13.2.2. The issue is the app has an ds18b20 reading the tank temperature and relaying back the temp to a value display widget. On my android it work just fine. On my friends IPhone nothing is displayed. I then took my tables which runs on android signed into Blynk using my friends credentials and the temperature shows up! Is there an issue with iPhone? I know absolutely nothing about iPhone never used one before.

There are some differences between the Android and iOS versions of the app.
iOS doesn’t have the Eventor widget or the GPS Trigger widget.
Other widgets that aren’t available in iOS for me (running an iPhone 6) are Gravity Sensor and Light Sensor.
BLE will probably work differently on the two O/S as well.

Other widgets should work the same though, provided Eventor isn’t being used to drive those widgets.


No eventor, it is a straight forward code to get the temp and write the value to a value display widget. Funny thing is on the app there is a graph widget and that shows the temp