iPhone app, graph. Bug or new feature?

I started using Blynk today, I really like it.

I am using a ESP12E dev board and tested with the onboard light sensor.
I get the data in my APP and sees it updating, but the values are from 1023-0, were 1023 is bright and 0 is dark. I changed to use the build-in mapping tool by clicking between LOW and HIGH windows.
I get a graph with correct data, but no scale.
Can you make it working with scale from highest value on LOW to lowest value on HIGH or is it a bug?

No comment about this?

But you could change high and low by yourself. Or you want graph to do it automatically?

Both actually.

I will explain better: When I put 1023 in the LOW field and 0 in the HIGH field I get no scale at all.
I am using a sensor that sends out 1023 when it is totally dark and 0 when it is bright. i want it to be the opposite so I was using the MAP icon in the setup of my graph but then I got no scale.
A solution is of course to MAP before creating a VirtualPin.

And it would be nice to have an option to have autoscale.

@Pavel what do you think?