IoT Garage Monitor / Opener - Blynk CC3000

Just finished building my garage monitor / opener. Uses Blynk to remotely monitor 2 garage doors, allow for opening and closing and uses sliders for a trivial password mechanism. Also has a fingerprint scanner.

Details at:


Amazed how you hacked sliders to use them as a passcode! Do you check for number of attempts? :wink:

LOL! Good idea! I went a step further… Instead I have gobbleHex code that detects unscrupulous attempts for those who might try to make my garage doors dance. Once it detects this, it will send a pulse through the cloud to the users device and erase their device / PC. It will even eat their dinner if it’s close by! … and take their Orange Crush… :stuck_out_tongue:


@deejayspinz, great job on that project. I plan on doing some similar (though more simple) projects and want to use the cc3000. I read your post on so thanks for the great description. Do find that the the cc3000 is stable enough to use or is it crashing or hanging frequently ( I know you added some watchdogs and whatnot) ? I really like using arduinos with add-ons as the simplicity, resources and libraries is unparalleled.

Thanks and again, great job!

@vteeds, thanks for the positive comments. I am not sure if it’s the CC3000, or the fingerprint scanner, but before I did a fix, the controller would crash every few hours - randomly. Worse yet, it required physically power cycling the controller. Until I came across the watchdog timer, which has pretty much eliminated all issues. I provided info on this in my blog (see link above). Essentially, the WD timer runs as a separate process and, when triggered forces a reset which remedies the issue. For my project this is fine as it’s only down for about a minute or so. I think it happens about once per day. I also posted code in the blog yesterday. Read the entire post as it details the issue and how I fixed it.