iOS Update Issues

Hi Pavel,

Since the iOS update today the application logs in fine, but as soon as the dashboard loads I get an error saying “Cannot connect to blynk server”, although the dashboard then runs as expected.

Also, then when trying to create a new project, it creates but does not receive the auth key from the server and when logging out and back in again the second / new project is no longer included.

I have reset the server side and it continues to do the same.

Local server version 0.10.2, iOS 9.1 No Jailbreak.

Does it work with Blynk cloud?
Are you using the latest version of the server?

I just double checked and everything works as expected

Only thing that changed was the update on the phone, running v 0.10.2 of the server, has been perfect for the last couple of weeks.

I could delete the user again and restart but then I’ll have to disconnect around 10 devices to reprogram auth tokens, :frowning:

Strange thing is that even though it says it cant connect, the graphs etc all still show the data running and the buttons are still activating the various systems, just cant create a new project or change between running projects.

Please post here your server logs.

All I’m now getting is :

18:59:32.626 TRACE - Incoming LoginMessage{id=1, command=LoginMessage, length=32, body=‘10def5740d504df39d1d09b002a289cc’}
18:59:32.630 DEBUG - HardwareLogic token is invalid. Token ‘********’, ‘/’
18:59:32.640 TRACE - Hardware channel disconnect.

*** token removed

I’ve treble checked the token and its right.

Besides ~/blynk and /logs, are there any other folder created at runtime (Where is the user data stored)? I would like to delete blynk local completely and start from scratch (obviously without reloading the whole sever)


Where is the user data stored)

User data is stored in “dataFolder” you specify during server run.

strange, deleted both folders, rebooted and then recreated the blynk folder, wget to get the latest version and ran it.

pi@raspberrypi ~/blynk/data $ ls
pi@raspberrypi ~/blynk/data $

Not sure why, my run command is : /usr/bin/java -jar /home/pi/blynk/server-0.10.2.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/blynk/data &

I created the new users from the app side too which are logging in fine now, but seems the app and the Server are not recognizing the auth token

Your sketches are connected to local server? Does your sketch token corresponds to those one in the app? Do you see same error in log?


char auth[] = "a278a7392ab04441bb5e82cf9a90bccc";


its almost as if the app and server lost sync, I’ve tried creating a new user and dashboard and reprogramming the sketch with the same result.

Please post more logs. Are you sure app connected to local server?

Hi D,

Think we can close it, I deleted the app from the iOS device, rebooted, and reinstalled it, although I had to recreate the account and reprogram new auth code the server has now recognized the correct auth.

Seems instead of updating i should maybe have reinstalled.

@Bobbo_SA sorry for inconveniences. Regarding big logs - see advanced section of server setup. You could change log level from “trace” to “info”.
@iOSDev please have a look what may caused an issue.

Will probably be a good idea, I know it happened once before but that time I simply cleared some space and created a new user, this time even that didn’t work. Logs + Archived logs were over 1Gb in total over the last few months, :wink:

On the plus side, these types of issues force us “end” users to understand the workings of the app better and hopefully we can provide some valuable leanings on the forums.

I know a couple of brilliant local (Sofia) guys if you ever need a few more “hands” to help as the product / features grow.

You guys need to setup a donate button on the website, just while the store is being developed, so at least we can provide something back.

Blynk truly could be a game changer.