iOS Update and Push Notifications

Deleted widget and restarted app.
Notifications when the app is active.
No notifications when the app is closed.

Others, please chime in. I can’t be the only one.

Could it be my Ethernet shield?
Could it be my router settings?

I’ll reconfigure one of my devices to use the cloud server and test when i get home later and report back.

Ok. What do you mean the app is off?
Is it in background? Or you used force quit?

@bobbo thanks

@pavel I meant closed…force quit.

Notify works when the app is running in the foreground or background.

Notify does not work when the app has bred closed entirely.

I’ve confirmed that PN doesn’t work for me in China unless I turn on some VPN service. Would you please consider some other push notification service instead of Google? I don’t know how much effort it takes .


Well, I made an investigation and it seems not simple. First of all cause mostly services either paid either on chinese that makes it hard to integrate. Anyway - China if huge market for us so for sure I’ll try to implement this. I created ticket here. You could subscribe and when I’ll fix it - you’ll be notified automatically.

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There are services similar to google push notifications, and absolutely free! They just require implementing API but I guess there are other tasks more urgent at present… I am also In Mainland China, I know a lot of makers and tinkerers and what I gather, most people don’t like to use VPN services.

Hi. Just a bump so this thread doesn’t get lost but also wondering if there are any more ideas regarding my issue?

Any idea when Twitter and Notifications will be available for IOS via a local server setup?

@Bobbo_SA not soon. Only few users using Twitter so this is not priority now. Regarding Push Notifications it is already implemented for Android, but seems like for iOS this is not possible. Apple doesn’t allow to do that. They connect push notification token to developer account and changing it on the fly is not allowed. I have dew ideas how to fix that, but again this is not in our priority list. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi D,

A workaround for the Notifications would be twitter, my twitter client could then be following the alerting account and have the notifications turned on for that account.


I got my PN working on my phone. Latest version of iPhone app and iOS.
But it seems that you cant have two iPhones with same login, only one of us is getting the PN.

  1. Should it be possible to get PN on both devices, as long as Blynk APP is in the background(not killed)?

  2. Would it be possible to get PN when the APP is killed?

  1. This is a bug. For now you could only receive push on Android and iOS at same time.
  2. No. This is how PN works.


2 .For other iPhone APPs, that I have, I can kill the APP on my iPhone but I still get PN, e.g. Hangouts. Maybe this is a limitation when you use Google Notification server?

Maybe we have different understanding of “Killing App”. What do you mean by that?

Double click on home button and then swipe up on Blynk APP.
Apple call it Force

@iOSDev could you please advise?

@iOSDev any comment?

Hello. Yes this is GCM limitation. GCM can’t handle PN after app force close (unlike iOS APN).