(iOS) Sharing a cloned project, shares the original - not the clone

Hi Everyone

Platform: latest iOS, Blynk 2.9.4 (3), Server: Blynk Cloud

I put together a project, one for me and one for someone else. After I got the BlynkApp the way I wanted it, I clone the project and then used the QR to make a duplicate of it. Got the new Auth token, setup my friends hardware, tested it at my place, went to my friends house and shared his version of the App - which was from a clone of my version. When he scans the QR code, he got a share of my original project - not the second one that I setup.

Am I doing something wrong in this scenario?

Is this a valid use case?

I still wanted to control the application, make changes when necessary but I did not want to have to create the second application from scratch.

Any thoughts around how I can clone a project, to avoid having to lay the application out again, and share the new version would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Make sure you use the clone QR and not Share QR code.

Although this part sounds fishy… @Dmitriy ?

Thanks. We’ll check.

We weren’t able to reproduce your scenario. Please make sure you’re sharing the correct project. If you still believe there is an issue, please send us logs from both devices.

First - thank you all very much for your quick response.

@Jamin I sent my friend the shared QR from the ‘Generate Link’ of my app. I actually want to share the app because I have changes that I will likely want to make and for now I would like to be able to do that. I think the Share QR is the right code.

I named my apps AgriMonitoring1 and AgriMonitoring2. AgriMonitoring2 is the clone of AgriMonitoring1 - and I generated the link from AgriMonitoring2.

@Eugene The email received looks like:


I’ve made AgriMonitoring2 app. You are welcome to try it out!

To start using it:

  1. Download Blynk app here
  2. Touch the QR icon and point the camera to the code below
  3. Enjoy my app!

So I am reasonably confident I picked the right application - but I will double check later today.

After my friend scanned the QR code, the application read ‘AgriMonitoring1’

For clarity, let me detail my scenario:

  1. I created an app called AgriMonitoring1
  2. Cloned the app and saved the QR code
  3. I scanned the Clone QR code, on my phone as a quick way to duplicate the app, and called it AgriMonitoring2
  4. From AgriMonitoring2, I took the Auth Token, and created a new hardware setup.
  5. Brought that new hardware setup to my friends place
  6. Shared AgriMonitoring2 ( I am sure of it as I can be ), via the ‘Generate Link’ and sent it via email to him and me. The email indicates I shared AgriMonitoring2. Friend is also running iOS
  7. On his phone, the application comes up as AgriMonitoring1 and does appear to be that version.

I am willing to believe the problem is with my scenario/setup. I will send the logs in, but I will also try the above process again and see what happens.

If you have any other thoughts, I am happy to try them. Thank you all for your input.

From the logs, your friend is using a shared project, at this moment named “AgriMonitoring2”, with the device token f1b***79f

@Eugene Thank you very much for the feedback.

I believe you, and I took a look at the logs myself. However, when I scan the QR code, AgriMonitoring1 application shows up. I create another account just to make sure, and sure enough, when I scan the QR code, I too get AgriMonitoring1. I can see the original on my phone, and the new account on my ipad working in sync.

Can I email you the QR code?

My next step will be to just delete the AgriMonitoring2 project and start again from AgriMonitoring1 to see if the second time is a charm.

Again - thank you for your help.

@TheYoungSoul you were right, we found the bug.

As a temporary workaround, jut hit the ‘Refresh’ button on ‘Share Project’ screen before sharing the project.

Thanks for reporting and cooperation.

@Eugene Thank you very much for staying with it.

That workaround did the trick. I am really glad we could work through it and you were able to find the bug.

Thanks again.